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The Therapist's Guide to Digital Marketing

My Digital Practice


The Therapist’s Guide to Digital Marketing

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My Digital Practice


The digital world is ever expanding and increasingly complex, but that doesn’t mean you have to be an SEO wizard to have a strong presence in your field. Yes, at first glance the math is akin to putting a man on the moon. But you can build a strong digital presence by following a few proven principles and guidelines. If you are looking for a guiding light in the hectic world of the growing digital marketplace this book is for you.

This short book will give you the foundation you need to develop a thriving practice with a strong digital backbone. You are an expert in helping people, but counselors can be terrible at getting the right people in the door. This book will guide you in the process of, developing your website, SEO management, forming a concrete marketing strategy, navigating the complex world of digital marking and social media, how to collect data that matters and what to do with that data to empower your practice and foster the growth you need to thrive. It all starts with your identity. Crystallized identity is the foundation of every business, no matter how big or small. Your identity is the key to your success. 


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Dr. Christopher S. Taylor, Ph.D. LPC-S

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Dr. Christopher S. Taylor, Ph.D. LPC-S

Dr. Christopher S. Taylor

Professional consultations are $200 per hour.


Christopher S. Taylor, Ph.D. LPC-S is an adjunct professor of counseling ethics at Dallas Theological Seminary and Amberton University. Dr. Taylor utilizes existential psychotherapy to provide treatment for individuals struggling with loss of identity, and narcissism. In 2015, he was appointed by Governor Greg Abbott to serve on the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors as a professional member. In 2018, he was unanimously voted to Vice Chair of the board.

Working with various state and private organizations such as Child Protective Services since 2008, Dr. Taylor has experienced the lack of community support for broken homes in both urban and rural communities. In an endeavor to alleviate this issue, Dr. Taylor served as the court coordinator and program developer for Legacy Family Court in Dallas County from 2013 to 2016. In 2015, Legacy Family Court was recognized as “An Agent of Change” by the Council on Drug and Alcohol Abuse and was awarded an official resolution by Dallas County. In 2016, the Agricultural Commissioner appointed Dr. Taylor to serve on the Rural Health Task Force to assist in developing solutions for the expansion of mental health programs in rural Texas communities. 

Dr. Taylor completed his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy with a focus of existentialism at Texas A & M University. He continues to research and write on the subject of identity and existential development.


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What People Are Saying About My Digital Practice!


Each chapter gives step-by-step instructions so counseling practice owners can immediately begin utilizing this powerful search engine to attract potential clients. After reading the first three chapters I was able to implement three of Dr. Taylor’s suggestions and saw immediate results on my own website!

— Dr. Kate Walker

My Digital Practice is an invaluable resource in this digital age. Dr. Taylor's short but powerful guide walks you through the process of developing a practice vision, implementing proven methods for establishing your digital footprint, and growing a thriving therapy business. This book fills a large void between the mental health world and the business world.

— Dr. Paul Stanford

Dr. Taylor’s information is based on his experience as an exceptional entrepreneur who has done successfully what he has written about. I highly recommend this book as a roadmap to establishing a successful practice.  

— Dr. Ken Bateman

As a practicing psychologist and owner of a private practice in the DFW area, I found this book a great read and very useful to building and implementing a successful mental health business. These ideas not only apply to those interested in the mental health field, but also for other types of businesses as well. My Digital Practice is a must read!

— Dr. Mark Cartwright

Dr. Christopher S. Taylor explores how the “Almighty Google” has resulted in the collision of professional and digital identity. He links counseling skills, ethics, and self-care practices with an entrepreneur spirit to provide a step by step business model. In sharing his personal experiences, he encourages counselors to market themselves in order to stand out in a network of counseling practices. This book is a worthy, how-to guide in planning, building, and marketing to the various needs of clients via the digital frontier.  

-Teri Ann Sartor, Ph.D. LPC-S 

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